Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Notte Sento

Great stop motion video done with over 4500 stills. Vespa, beautiful Italian girl and cameras. Can't get much better then that.

Friday, June 26, 2009

JeanYves Lemoignee: Pronounce that....

View the urban legends of JeanYves Lemoigne and say that name three times fast.

Disclaimer: Beware of wacky 3D pixilated nudity in the "Editorial" work section

Jonathan Bergeron: Sugar Skulls and then more Sugar Skulls

I stumbled upon the blog of Jonathan Bergeron recently, and I haven't found an official website full of his work yet, so you'll have to navigate his generic blaaaaugh to see his stuff. He really is a well rounded artist with the ability to depict a variety of stylized content. But from what I can see on his blog he's fascinated with painting sugar skulls in diverse context and a variety of situations. All in all, I'm into the style and playfulness of his paintings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uncooked Music Videos

This is kind of the follow-up/context to that last Fleet Foxes post. I think we need more music and performance art related posts on here.

"The Take away shows are la Blogotheque’s first video podcasts.
Every week, we invite an artist or a band to play in the streets, in a bar, a park, or even in a flat or in an elevator, and we film the whole session. Of course, what makes the beauty of it is all the little incidents, hesitations, and crazy stuff happening unexpectingly. Besides, we do not edit the videos so they look perfectly flawless, instead we keep the raw sound of the surroundings. Our goal is to try and capture instants, film the music just like it happens, without preparation, without tricks. Spontaneity is the keyword.

The Take away shows exist since April 2006. There was Chryde, who wanted to shake things up and find another way to share music, and there was Vincent Moon, who wanted to film music differently. Chryde offered Moon to go and film musicians in the city, Moon seized the idea and glorified it. Since then, other directors across the world joined this project, and we plan to extend it worldwide."

text via: La Blogotheque

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer, please make yourself at home

In celebration of summer finally arriving here's some Fleet Foxes. I'm not sure why but they're music and their singer Robin Pecknold's voice makes me want to go camping in the mountains. This song doesn't really start until like 2:30 into this video.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jeremy Geddes: Ground Control

All I want for Christmas is a Jeremy Geddes print. His astronaut series is so impressive to me! Even without the floating cosmonauts, the composition, colors, and moods of his environments alone are amazing! Be sure and browse his blog as well, to see his process, comps, sketches, and newest work.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I ran across this on the Wooster Collective. Tried finding more work from them but this is all I could find. Great Stuff. If anyone has anymore info about them please let me know!

From Romanyg on Flickr.

From PaulGreen on Flickr.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

A stop motion short film shot with a stills camera in the ceiling pointing straight at the floor. There's tons of 'making of' stuff at the website sorry-im-late.com

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AJ FOSIK: Wooden Wonders

How great would it be to get one of these to hang on your wall. I'd love it!

Flickr Set

Dan Park: Master of Color

Another great NYC illustrator who's mastered the art of creating memorable color palettes. His work reminds me a lot of Tomer Hanuka.(Tomer is amazing. Be cautioned because some of Tomer's illustrations could be considered offensive)

Daniel's Site

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Rob Valley's: Beatle Mania

On that same note of 2D illustrations meeting 3D motion:

Sorry to do so many video posts in a row, we'll get some tangible art makers up soon. Couldn't resist not sharing this recent illustrative animated gem done by Rob Valley, put together to promote the new Beatles Rock Band game.

The end of the video gets a little too abstract for my tastes, but the beginning is amazing

UK's McBess: Nudie Loon

I'm surprised I haven't put anything up for McBess already. I saw his stuff a long time ago. He's on 23, and does some pretty remarkable design and illustration work. He recently came out with this Video made with the help of the 3D animator Simon Landrein. Its really cool to see the interpretation of his 2D illustrations into 3D motion.

Disclaimer: His site is full of strong language, and his video and artworks feature rubbery armed nudie lady monster things.