Monday, August 31, 2009

20+ Years Later

I love photography projects that deal with re-visiting the exact same content years later. Peter Feldstein took photos of every resident ( 676 ) of his small Iowa town of Oxford. Now 20+ years later he's taken a follow-up photograph and had them reflect on camera about the years between the two photos. Of the 676 residents, there are bound to be some real wacky characters, interesting interviews and photos. I'll have to try and track down the book. More

"Hundreds of Oxford residents come to life in these pages. Time leaps back and forth, instantly elapsing twenty years. Meet, among others, the donut baker who went from having to be weighed on a livestock scale to losing over 150 pounds with the encouragement of the entire town; the Pentecostal minister who gave up buck-skinning to found his own church and now awaits the rapture in 2028; the World War II veteran who survived the Battle of the Bulge, but still suffers terribly from post-traumatic stress disorder; his son, a recipient of the Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam, who shares his father's affliction." -the book

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brendan Lee: Juxtaposition

I realized we haven't put up many ceramic artists on here. I enjoyed the contrasting styles in Brendan Lee's "Manga Ormolu" collection.

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Li Wei: Suspended

Pretty powerful photography with the help of a crane and some wires.


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Friday, August 21, 2009


A couple days back I stumbled upon the CHICKEN NUGGET LEMON TOOTY blog. Its basically a blog where a dad has been posting up his 3 kids, Isaac, Grace, and Lily's drawings for the past few years. The Dad himself is an artist (Aaron Zenz) and has been encouraging and sharing his kids art. Recently they had open submissions for fan art. I loved seeing other artists trying to interpret or re-imagine the kid's creativity in their own style.

I've seen similar concepts where photographers try to re-create children's drawings, or artists illustrate them. Its a concept I really enjoy, and I think is mainly due the originality of the children's drawings to begin with. Children have a raw untainted creativity, which for some reason most people lose as they grow older.

When your playing with a little kid, and you say " lets draw a horse riding a horse", they do it no hesitation. They're probably excited to. But if you ask an adult to draw just a man, most of the time they get awkward, embarrassed and refuse. Or they'll just draw a stick figure. What changed, why won't they just draw? It doesn't have to look like so-and-so's, it doesn't have to be proportional or even accurate.

Just like handwriting everyone has their own unique drawing style, and it should be explored and enjoyed at any age. I apologize for the long winded post. Nobody reads these anyways, they just look at the pics. Speaking of, here's my fan art submission I did based on a drawing by Gracie Zenz (age 6).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kalle Gustafsson

Over saturated, lots of tone mapping, and excellent compositions. His motion work also carries his style real well. This photo is from his advertising > atg series.

his portfolio

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Frank Stockton

Saw his stuff on the recent cover of Communication Arts magazine. I specifically love his compositions. His style is reminiscent to Tomer Hanuka and sometimes simliar to Jillian Tamaki.

See more of his amazing work here.

Mathieu Beaulieu: Vector Perfect

He's a little more cartoony than we usually put on here, but his vector illustrations have so much personality I had to post him up. See more of his work on his blog.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It really is kinda strange to me that art centered around type is so interesting to me. You'd think that art centered around so many other actual objects, animals, humans, concepts, landscapes, etc would be so much cooler, but I'm so often drawn to interesting presentations of letters and type. Type taken as form and shape would seem to be one of the more boring subjects to base art around, but its surprisingly not so. I'm probably not making sense. Does anyone get what I'm trying to say...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Terri Timely: Directory of Peculiarity

He's diffidently got a distinct style, and his color and textures are real unique and memorable. Check out his site here. I recommend this video to taste his flavor. Looks like he's worked for some pretty well known clients, and done some big name music videos.