Thursday, December 28, 2006

1 book published

Since I rarely make a thing artful, look at this bookmanship of a story I wrote a year ago. My processes aren't very professional. A lot of printing, tracing, and scanning. Then sometimes color in Photoshop. I didn't even screenprint; I used T-shirt iron-on transfers. I did do it all with my Epson PHOTO RX620 and was happy with its performance.

Friday, December 22, 2006

eboy XV and the tiny world of pixels

I've never seen such a fantastic gathering of pixel art before. They have an extensive archive and new stuff comes in regularly. All the tiny detail will start the slow blow of your mind.
Look at the pixels but BEWARE THE VECTORS! Seriously, the vector art on this site is not their specialty and it is dominated by sex perverts.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Canadian Gold: Joy Ang

21 year old Joy Ang is amazing. These way young artists make me depressed with the fact they are soooo good and I'm not even graduated and I'm 3 years older and my stuff isn't half as good. They are inspiring and depressing all in the same gulp. Oh and she's from Canada of course.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Tutorial: M a t a n g o

Its not really a tutorial, but it does show a little of my process. I made this mostly to just try out time-lapes editing. I've always been fasinated with time-lapse drawing and building, I guess just time-lapse in general fasinates me. Anyway don't look real closely at the drawing it's way rough, and the coloring on the monitor came out looking darker on the video. Plus compressing it into a quicktime video didn't help the quality.

music by: Sufjan Stevens and The Go! Team

Sony Bravia Adverts

I dont know how many of you have yet to see the Sony Bravia advertisements, but if you haven't you really should. The older one is filmed in San Francisco using thousands of bouncy balls, and the latest one uses 70,000 litres of water based paints and an urban apartment/park area in Glasgow, Scotland. Check out the link below. These only air in the UK, of course...

Brian McCarty

Brian McCarthy uses his skills with the camera to take some great toy photogaphs. You can check out his site here.

Playing Around

With the joys and boredoms of being unemployed, I have started playing around with shading in photoshop. This is my first attempt to fancy up some line art with shading using gradients and paintbrushes. Let me know what you think, I know some of you are a lot better at this than me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This was my final project for my Figure Drawing class. I guess you could call it a type of "self-portrait".

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mr. Bingo: Right out of the UK

Fun flash site, neat navigation. I recommend you watch his flash animations located in his latest work section- "UNE". He does some fun "still life" art which I thought I'd never enjoy, but maybe its his choice fo still life content, (i.e. old atari joysticks, electric pianos, breifcase record players, etc.). Beware of nudies on this site. Silly Brits.

What do you think of the improved Art Blog set-up?

Yule Tide Season

This is a christmas card I'm designing for a Booking Agency, but I thought I'd tweek it a little and share it with you all.

I think all of us contributers should make a little "Seasonal" peice to post up. I'm sure all of our styles will be fairly diverse, lets give it a shot.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Heads, Small Faces: Matthew Feyld

A big-headed (but not small-faced) friend at work showed me one of Matt's drawings and immediately I needed more. These terrific and mostly forehead characters go great with swords and mustaches. I recommend looking at his flickr page in a slideshow fashion. He has paintings, drawings and photographs, and I think he is Canadian.

Michel Gondry: Video Artist

I recently finished my first strictly HTML (no FLASH allowed) website. Although I much rather prefer FLASH, it was a good learning opportunity. So now you can expect some "enhancments" on this Art Blog's setup. Anyway the website itself is about Michel Gondry, who is probably one of the most creative, artistic people I know of. I realize that the site needs a little fine tunning, and the links and set-ups need more continuity, but I'm in the middle of finals so I can't go mess with the code right now. Just browse along, and check out some of the video clips. He really is amazing. SITE

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This guy is dope. Check it: !

p.s. I dreamt last night that Matt said the "F-word."

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Theo Jansen: Kinetic Poetic Art

This BMW commercial from South Africa displays some of Theo Jansen's kinetic wind creature sculptures. Pretty creative guy. I just love anything that demonstrates the blurring of the line between science and art. Thats how it used to be, Leonardo da Vinci is a perfect example; artist, scientist, engineer. Back in better times, art and drawing were required hand in hand with other science courses. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox. This video was refurred from Clint to Zach to Me