Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This guy is dope. Check it: !

p.s. I dreamt last night that Matt said the "F-word."


Matango said...

WHOA! That's crazy about your dream casue I really had a dream just last night where I swore to. The context was rediculas: I was bullying this robot/computer named A.S.H.L.E.Y to get other people to laugh and every time it would send out an electronic arm to strike me I'd yank it and twist it and it would break, but then it sent out this arm with a saw blade on it and it cut my finger a little, so then I kept yelling at it by name demanding it provide me with some Neosporin, and when it replied it didn't have bandages nor neosporin I insulted it by saying "You've got saw blades coming out your ass but you can't get me some Neosporin!?" I instantly regreted my vulgarity and realized how dumb I sounded cause it was a genuine comment. My face turned red due to my embarrassment of my fingur getting cut, and my awkward swearing. I lauged pretty hard when I relayed this to Abbey this morning.

cerparley said...

Man, that's beautiful. You should really write that down and start saying 'ass' more often. In my dream I think we were at a play and you were yelling profanities at the actors or something. I just remember being shocked because you have the cleanest mouth in the state.