Friday, April 21, 2006

My First Attempt

I haven't cut it out or sprayed yet. I'll try that tomorrow...and I think I'll try it on the windshield of my scooter...

Glasglow's David Shrigley: A new flavor of humor

David Shrigley is dripping with his own unique brand of humor. Coming from England his off the wall super bizarre humor works perfectly with his rough playful illustrations. He hasn't limited himself to one medium and has does a number of exhibits using either photography, drawings, painting, sculpture, and latley he's even been experimenting with flash and other animation/film projects. One being a animatied music video for the british band "Blur" Good Song . Anyway, I spent hours on his site, its chuck full of his stuff,so explore, check it out, hes a funny funny chap.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our America - Oakland, CA

While driving around in Oakland last week I found this awesome stencil work. Notice the faint stars and stripes across the whole building. Artist unknown.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Graffiti is Wonderful

As I am sure some of you know (i'd like to know who's actually participating on this blog. to me it just looks like matt and i), I love graffiti. I would love to be a larger practioner of the street arts, but time and money limit me, and so for now i am merely an advocate. While i appreciate all different forms of graffiti, i prefer stencil work and wheatpasting. I'll put up pictures of stuff that ive done eventually, but for now enjoy some links to sites that i frequent and enjoy thoroughly.
The Wooster Collective is a site that keeps tabs on street art all around the world and is very cool. It has a ton of links so its a good starting point to go exploring.
Stencil Revolution is a great site to find inspiration from other people's stuff and to look and see what other people are doing. It seems to be having trouble lately, but generally its a rad site.
Graffiti Research Lab. This is a link that a friend sent me today that is doing really cool things with Street Art and LED lights. Scope it out. i'm really hyped on it right now.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL is a stickering campaign that is very very cool. It's free, you should get involved.
This Link will take you to a clip from an upcoming DVD on stencil pioneer blek le rat. scope it. he's old and funny. its like new york doll. but less mormon, less rock n roll and more french. so its nothing like new york doll. eff you.
things you should be listening to lately: Don Caballero, Ghosts and Vodka, Yeah Yeah Yeahs "show your bones"
p.s. i would add pictures, but it won't let me for some reason. maybe ill add them later...
p.p.s. i think everyone should take a day to sit around in their pajamas, look out the window at the grey weather, eat pizza, and drink soy milk. it's lovely.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Traditional Paintings of a Robotic Reality: Ashley Wood

Wood's been a professional illustrator for over 10 years now, and uses traditonal painting techniques combined with computer graphic software. I'd love to see how he goes through the creation of some of his images. Anyway, browse his site. (beware of some risqué females)

The Mysterious Universe of: James jean

Yet another graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC. I wonder if all these guys used to hang out? Anyway, Jean has quite a list of clients under his belt. He's obviously a very repected illustrator in the industry today. I read a pretty cool article about him at The Hundreds (you'll have to click the "chronicles" link at the top and look for "James Jean") and it kinda gives you an update on his whereabouts and his current projects. His coloring abilities are mind boggling, and I think a lot of it is done in photoshop. I love that this guys into comics, and he does covers here anad there for DC and Marvel. Anyway, his official site is stocked with artwork, from fine-art oil paints, to his sketchbook, to his photoshopped colored comicbook covers. His Offiical Site

Sam Paints: Sam Weber

Sam Weber started off doing amature illustrations in Deep River Ontario Canada, and eventually moved to NYC and studied at the School of Visual Arts. He now works as the assistant art director of the New York Times. His work starts as an ink drawing, using like a sabel brush, and then its scanned and colored in photoshop, were he adds variouse textures from anything from charcoal to acrylic paints. He recently married another illustrotor, but I can't remeber her name, shes pretty good too. Anyway, here is his site. Sam Paints

Friday, April 14, 2006

Re: Found Punk Photo Album

The album inspired me to make this collage/illustration out of construction paper.

Found In Street: Old Gutter Punk Photo Album

This guy in Philidelphia found this old gutterpunk photo album on his street. I don't think he realizes what an amazing treasure this find was. Look at the images, they've got everything from double mow-hawks, to AK 47's, and candid shots around the aprtment. I wonder if he's gonna sell it on e-bay or anything? I'd be interested. Here's the site with all the images, be sure and scope out both pages.
Found Punk Photo Album

The Royal Art Lodge

The Royal Art Lodge (RAL) was basically a group of canadian art school grad-students (the members called themselves a “self-serving secret society”) from Winnipeg in 1996. Anyway, they all shared a rare unique humor and worked on large paintings and projects together. Their bizarre narratives begin to charm the public and now many of them have set off on solo careers. Their work, although not highly refined, still maintains a certain disarming, intriguing quality, perhaps due to their original content and style. This style is seen more and more today, but you have to realize alot of their work was done in 1996, almost ten years ahead of its time. Here's the link: The Royal Art Lodge

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fainting Goat

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alexandre Orion - Metabiotics

This artist takes two of my favorite artforms (street art and photography) and captures people in daily scenarios, showing them as if they are interacting with or a part of the street art.


Bryan Lee O'Malley

here's one more. i'm trying to be a fruitful member of the blog so that matt doesn't lecture me.
sooooo.... here is one of my favorite comic creators/cartoonists. his name is bryan lee o'malley. and he's from canada.
hes responsible for comics like Scott Pilgrim 1&2 (Three coming soon). These are the funniest comics in the entire world i think. He also made Lost at Sea, which i've never read, but i trust this guy. if you like cool stuff you'll like scott pilgrim.
Here's a link to his site. Bryan Lee O'Malley at Radio Maru.

Comic Artist: Kristian

hello! this is the first post from josh. i hope that you enjoy it. or not. whatever you decide.
anyway, as you know i'm a sucker for comic artwork, and this is an artist that i'm really into lately.
So check it out, the artists name is Kristian, but his site is ///PRODIGALNINE///. be aware, it can be a little risqué. but c'mon. it's comics. so check it out...dawgs.

Red Pen on Cream Parchment: Keith Shore

A very published illustrator with an impressive list of clients. He's even got a few T-shirts out now. I'd buy one but I'm broke. I read on his news that he's doing stuff for the Shins lately. He's got a funny way of drawing humans. Pretty simple technique, but a very distinct interesting look. Here's Keith Shore's site: KAS Project

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Photo a Day....

Photography allows almost constant productivity as an artist, especially with digital photography. Its a matter of just having your camera on hand and seeing a shot, setting up and snapping it. The following link Daily Dose of Imagrey exploits the power and potential of photography. Its a pretty rad concept. Sam Javanrouh is this guy who lives in Toronto Canada, and just takes around his Canon EOS Digital Rebel 350D camera and snaps pictures of his everday life. He says about his site,

"daily dose of imagery is a simple view of my day to day visual experience, or my personal photoblog. I post one photo a day on this web site. It could be untouched or altered. I started this experimental project as a visual practice."

Taken pictures everyday has really helped him develop his artistic eye. Almost all his photos are amazing. Some allow a magnifying-glass tool to see upclose detail on certain areas of his photo, so try it out. Click archives to see his past photos. And be sure to give him positive feedback, thats what keeps people like him posting his work for us to enjoy.

Adventures in Coloring with Photoshop

Recently I've been experimenting more with coloring in Photoshop. In the past I always assumed my coloring in photoshop would turn out looking like amature super-hero comics, but recently I've realized this is not the case. This image is the first of a series. Its probably common knowledge, but I had to stumble upon it myself, but i finally discovered that laying down a base color on your background image and then tweeking the transparancy of all the colors on top of that layer causes them all the maintain color consistancy by using the same base color. Like mixing paints in actuality. (Mixing up a warm palette or a cool palette.) Anyway, I still have a lot to learn, but the way this image turned out got me excited, and I thought I'd pass on the knowledge.

The peice is entitled "Zombie About to Get a Drink From Hose", its designed to be used as a wallpaper.

Macabre through Oil Paints and Flash: Esao Andrews

Being from the desert myself, its refreshing to learn of an artist who wasn't raised in the hustle and bustle of an urban town-town. Although he ended up studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, he grew up in the Arizona desert, and his style notes its. His art stands out in that it doesn't follow the trendy urban themes of many of the NYC art school illustrators. Its got a hefty dose of subtle macabre, and his beautiful "Adams Family-esk" females contrasted against fleshy hairless creatures create a humorous juxtaposition. His abilities range over a wide spread of mediums, from photography, oil paints, to designing skateboards, and flash animation. His site is loaded with interactive flash. Anyway, you'll have to scope it out and let me know what you think.