Monday, April 17, 2006

Graffiti is Wonderful

As I am sure some of you know (i'd like to know who's actually participating on this blog. to me it just looks like matt and i), I love graffiti. I would love to be a larger practioner of the street arts, but time and money limit me, and so for now i am merely an advocate. While i appreciate all different forms of graffiti, i prefer stencil work and wheatpasting. I'll put up pictures of stuff that ive done eventually, but for now enjoy some links to sites that i frequent and enjoy thoroughly.
The Wooster Collective is a site that keeps tabs on street art all around the world and is very cool. It has a ton of links so its a good starting point to go exploring.
Stencil Revolution is a great site to find inspiration from other people's stuff and to look and see what other people are doing. It seems to be having trouble lately, but generally its a rad site.
Graffiti Research Lab. This is a link that a friend sent me today that is doing really cool things with Street Art and LED lights. Scope it out. i'm really hyped on it right now.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL is a stickering campaign that is very very cool. It's free, you should get involved.
This Link will take you to a clip from an upcoming DVD on stencil pioneer blek le rat. scope it. he's old and funny. its like new york doll. but less mormon, less rock n roll and more french. so its nothing like new york doll. eff you.
things you should be listening to lately: Don Caballero, Ghosts and Vodka, Yeah Yeah Yeahs "show your bones"
p.s. i would add pictures, but it won't let me for some reason. maybe ill add them later...
p.p.s. i think everyone should take a day to sit around in their pajamas, look out the window at the grey weather, eat pizza, and drink soy milk. it's lovely.

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