Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Mysterious Universe of: James jean

Yet another graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC. I wonder if all these guys used to hang out? Anyway, Jean has quite a list of clients under his belt. He's obviously a very repected illustrator in the industry today. I read a pretty cool article about him at The Hundreds (you'll have to click the "chronicles" link at the top and look for "James Jean") and it kinda gives you an update on his whereabouts and his current projects. His coloring abilities are mind boggling, and I think a lot of it is done in photoshop. I love that this guys into comics, and he does covers here anad there for DC and Marvel. Anyway, his official site is stocked with artwork, from fine-art oil paints, to his sketchbook, to his photoshopped colored comicbook covers. His Offiical Site

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