Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Matt Cipov: Animal Lover

This guys pretty goofy, I like his textures, and collage work. His line art is kinda blocky and it contrasts the organic shapes of animals. Its just fun stuff. He has some cool wallpapers you can downlaod and masks you can even print out in his "total bonus" section. Heres the link to his site

unrelated side-note: check out the band "Small Sails", they are playing in Provo March 29th

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My fellow Hooligans. The day has officially arrived. The creativity has been flowing rapid among our minds long enough. It is time we harness, and funnel our imaginations into the same tributary. True we may all have our own personal pursuits and original ambitions, but what better avenue for encouragement, feedback, and motivation than in a combination our talents. Let our free-spirited mines mutate into a one all-inclusive breathing beast. I'm talking about a spotted spectacle. For years we have mumbled about such a concept but its birth is inevitable. Our creative minds are having contractions, are water has long sense broke and we're 24 months along.
The sex is undetermined,
The due date: Feb 8th,
The location of birth: World Wide Web
The species: …Space Ant

Soon, we will be wiping the placenta from its antennas and severing
its umbilical cord. The SPACE ANT will be among us.

In order to fulfill a school requirement I am creating an online magazine/creative community. It is to be an advanced level FLASH entertainment website. I figured why not make a site my friends could enjoy. So my concept is this; the site (which is entitled "Space Ant Magazine.com" or "Space Ant Online Magazine" ) will feature articles, interviews, profiles, galleries (Illustration, Photo, Sculpture, Sewing,…) and music; All of which is produced by acquaintances/friends and fellow hoopla enthusiast (you). It will contain a profile of you; small, personal, and brief.

Your profile would include a short bio, (what you would like viewers
to know about you. (Inspirations, process, websites, pricing, offered
services etc)

Around 12 examples of your works. (12 if possible…as many as you're willing to share) Your works could include, photos, crafts, videoart, music/songs, articles, poems, essays, illustrations, design work, sculptures of shrunken heads etc.

And a link to a short interview Space Ant will be giving you either
by phone, e-mail, or ichat.

The site needs to be a specific size and contain a certain amount of
content, and instead of just doing my site on a band or movie
director, I'm daring to make it a personal project. With faith that
my friends won't object to being featured on my silly online magazine, and in hopes you'll be willing to contribute your creativity and works to its creation.

The due date of the project is Feb 8th, so the sooner you could e-mail
me your works, and bio the better. This site will only be viewed by
you and my teacher, but you can show others if you'd like. I'm only
inviting a handful of friends to contribute because Space Ant should
maintain a level of quality. Due to the lack of invitations your
involvement is key.

This proclamation is becoming wordy and long (you won't be reading my writings in the publication I assure you), but please get back to me, and let me know if your willing to contribute, better yet, send some stuff, and I'll get sweating over its creation. I have a limited time to get this done. Let me know if you have suggestions, questions, and suspicions.

Thanks aton for reading all this, and please send me some stuff
tonight.- Matt Mangus mangatar@gmail.com

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Volley Flash Animation

This was a quick school assignment, I had to partner-up with a class-mate and we were to work on this one minute animation together. We both drew out characters for it and then would animate 15 seconds of the video and then pass it to our partner to animate the next 15, and so on, like a "volley". It was fun to see the direction it went after a few passes. We rushed through it so the animation is pretty sloppy and rough at times, but it still makes me chuckle.

Make sure you have audio, and it loops so you'll want to close the window after one time through, unless you want to watch it non-stop for days.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beautiful Color Schemes: Meg Hunt

Her color palettes are amazing. I wonder how she figures them out. Enjoy her site, it's fairly simple and easy to browse.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Philadelphia Pigeon Inspired: Ben Woodward

He's got a fun style, and his content and scenarios make me smile. He's part of a group of artist called "Space 1026" and their site is full of odd artists, here that link

Here's his direct link at space1026, and here's another site i found about him, that sells his T-shirts.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bigfoot vs. Stereolab

I'm getting more and more into video art, music videos, stop-motion animation, and all that. This isn't an official Stereolab video, but I was happy to see Bigfoot and Stereolab collaborate. I guess it could be compared to "found object" art, where the artist takes something that has been previoulsy designed, and uses it in a different way to create art. Like Marcel Duchamp and all those hooligans of the "Dada" movement, but this video is far more entertaining than most dada art.

Sorry it's been so long sense I've added a post, I was away for the holidays. Paperpants helped keep things rolling.

Duchamps Found object "The Fountain"

The video (see youtube for more Stereolab videos)

this video made me want to make more movies

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dinosaur Comics


I can't help posting this because the recent strips have been exceptionally good to me. Pretty much every single brave new day this Ryan North fellow gives up a new one. That's consistency that I can appreciate. And if anybody searches through the "Comics I Would Totally Marry" section, they should tell me which ones of those are awesome.

*This site has so many links to other neverending greatness as well that I just created a whole bookmark folder called Qwantz Explored where I can put all the gems. That's how good.