Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dinosaur Comics


I can't help posting this because the recent strips have been exceptionally good to me. Pretty much every single brave new day this Ryan North fellow gives up a new one. That's consistency that I can appreciate. And if anybody searches through the "Comics I Would Totally Marry" section, they should tell me which ones of those are awesome.

*This site has so many links to other neverending greatness as well that I just created a whole bookmark folder called Qwantz Explored where I can put all the gems. That's how good.


cerparley said...

Is this guy from utah?

Paper Pants said...

Canada. Or are you talking about Utahraptor?

cerparley said...

Yeah, I'm talking about Utahraptor. Or is that a type of dinosaur? Ah ha!

Paper Pants said...

Ah ha! is right.