Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bigfoot vs. Stereolab

I'm getting more and more into video art, music videos, stop-motion animation, and all that. This isn't an official Stereolab video, but I was happy to see Bigfoot and Stereolab collaborate. I guess it could be compared to "found object" art, where the artist takes something that has been previoulsy designed, and uses it in a different way to create art. Like Marcel Duchamp and all those hooligans of the "Dada" movement, but this video is far more entertaining than most dada art.

Sorry it's been so long sense I've added a post, I was away for the holidays. Paperpants helped keep things rolling.

Duchamps Found object "The Fountain"

The video (see youtube for more Stereolab videos)

this video made me want to make more movies

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Ronnie Richie said...

Monster mania non-stop eye-popping entertainment. I was wearing socks before I watched this but they got knocked off!