Sunday, January 21, 2007

Volley Flash Animation

This was a quick school assignment, I had to partner-up with a class-mate and we were to work on this one minute animation together. We both drew out characters for it and then would animate 15 seconds of the video and then pass it to our partner to animate the next 15, and so on, like a "volley". It was fun to see the direction it went after a few passes. We rushed through it so the animation is pretty sloppy and rough at times, but it still makes me chuckle.

Make sure you have audio, and it loops so you'll want to close the window after one time through, unless you want to watch it non-stop for days.



cerparley said...

i love it man! what parts were you directly responsible for? my girlfriend is in an animation class right now and it's making me want to make some ridiculous stuff. great work matango.

Matango said...

My characters were the green ponytail lead singer dressed in white, and the "thug-life" flute player. It's too difficult to explain which parts were mine on here

Mr. Cougarford said...

I watched it nonstop for days. Really, I probably could.