Monday, October 27, 2008

Print Design: Fun if the Project is Right

I had forgotten how fun Print Design can be if the client is right. I did these business cards last night for a friend opening his own barber shop. I refused to use any clipart or stock illustration, so I did all the illustrations. I think it gives off a kinda fun vintage/traditional/garbage-pale-kids-card kinda vibe. After looking at it again today, I still need to tweak a few things.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pinstriping : Steady and Smooth

I'm doing some work for a friend that references a lot of the styles, namely Hotrod Culture, Rockabilly, Pulp Art, and Punk Rock. I've always been impressed by the steady hands and graceful skill of pin-strippers. I stumbled upon this video while I was looking for references.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bansky's Pet Shop

I thought Bansky was just a gutsy clever graffiti artist. I didn't take him as diverse as he actually is. His pet store exhibit is pretty original and memorable. I have to hand it to him. He's a deeper artist than I had thought. A creative man indeed.

Here's a collection of VIDEOS of the exhibit

via HiFructose (I'm learning their website is great as well as their magazine)

Tom Haubrick: Tattoo Artist/Illustrator

I read about this guy in HIFRUCTOSE magazine this month.(Great Magazine by the way) Most of the works on his website aren't a very good indication of his depth. For some reason all his male characters never have a face on his site. But the article I read had illustrations of plenty of male mugs. His line quality and amount of detail is similar to what I hope to achieve with my style. Seeing his work made me realize how non-productive I've been. Now that I've finally got internet at my new apt, hopefully I'll start submitting more work.

Portfolio Site
His flickr

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The direction of Skateboard Graphics: Progression?

I recently looked through this slide show claiming to be a brief summary of Skateboard Graphics. And I couldn't help but think that skate deck art has become less interesting as the years have gone on. Another site full of skate deck eye candy is Disposable: A History of Skate Graphics, where you can browse by artist.

Maybe its my unexplainable attraction to the artistic styles seen in earlier years, and my love of Jim Phillips and the Bid Daddy Ed Roth (not necessarily a skate artist). These styles seem to me to be more personal, engaging, genuine, original, and overall more memorable.

Check out the above links and decide for yourselves if skate graphics have progressed or not. I know there are a few notable skate artist out there doing original work today (i.e. Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox), but I can't think of many. Let me know if you know of some.

PS>An interesting note, Ed Roth was an active Mormon, who lived the last years of his life in Manti Utah. ...Manti?!

slideshow via: 37signals

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Watching these super clean slow-motion videos of colorful parrots, made me realize how much I love the colors blue and green together.

click the thumbnails to watch each video.

via: cpluv

Jermey Mayer: Typewriter Sculpture

His site's navigation is tough to use. Just click the first image you see then as pics load use the tiny arrows on the right and left. His full figure sculptures are my favorite. Jermey Mayer portfolio site.

via Drawn

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Delicate Wreckage: Scott Teplin

Similar to Travis Millard of Fudge Factory but with more color, Scott Teplin has that playful illustrative stroke. He focuses on certain details and goes into almost a tangent with them in his work. His use of perspective and structures is reminisent of Eboy XV whom Clint posted awhile back.

I think his Future Trash work is the most interesting.

ODD AUSSIE: Justin Lee Williams

He's defiantly got a distinct style. I'm not that jazzed about all his stuff, but I do enjoy his super fine detailed line work. He recently did some skate decks, which is something I've always wanted to do. I just bought an old skate deck from a local thrift shop and sanded is down and primed it. I just need to figure out what to paint on it. Any ideas?

Here's the link to HIS BLAUGH
(For some reason I still hate the word "Blog")