Friday, October 24, 2008

Tom Haubrick: Tattoo Artist/Illustrator

I read about this guy in HIFRUCTOSE magazine this month.(Great Magazine by the way) Most of the works on his website aren't a very good indication of his depth. For some reason all his male characters never have a face on his site. But the article I read had illustrations of plenty of male mugs. His line quality and amount of detail is similar to what I hope to achieve with my style. Seeing his work made me realize how non-productive I've been. Now that I've finally got internet at my new apt, hopefully I'll start submitting more work.

Portfolio Site
His flickr


wutthi.20 said...

In your site i learned more something. I will keep reading. Thanks ^_^

Learning all about tattoo designs.
Tribal Tattoo Designs

haubs said...

updated it finally haha