Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The direction of Skateboard Graphics: Progression?

I recently looked through this slide show claiming to be a brief summary of Skateboard Graphics. And I couldn't help but think that skate deck art has become less interesting as the years have gone on. Another site full of skate deck eye candy is Disposable: A History of Skate Graphics, where you can browse by artist.

Maybe its my unexplainable attraction to the artistic styles seen in earlier years, and my love of Jim Phillips and the Bid Daddy Ed Roth (not necessarily a skate artist). These styles seem to me to be more personal, engaging, genuine, original, and overall more memorable.

Check out the above links and decide for yourselves if skate graphics have progressed or not. I know there are a few notable skate artist out there doing original work today (i.e. Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox), but I can't think of many. Let me know if you know of some.

PS>An interesting note, Ed Roth was an active Mormon, who lived the last years of his life in Manti Utah. ...Manti?!

slideshow via: 37signals

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