Monday, April 10, 2006

Screen Printing: Jordan Crane

To get the ball rolling I'm gonna throw on a few artists I've been all about latley.

I found out about Jordan Crane after scoping out the Felt Club sight. Felt Club is like a Mini-Craft fair/club in southern california, and Jordan Crane was the artist responcible for the clubs online artwork. (seen below)

His use of color, and color pallets are incredible, and extremely creative. And whats craziest is, all his work is done by screen printing, and he only use four or five colors! How he manges to create such thin delicate lines and crisp colors is beyond me. Plus his retro style and odd content keeps me super enthused. I'm wanting to get into screen printing now (I used to only associate it with making T-shirts) but i looked up equipment to get started and even on e-bay its big bucks. Anyway, here's the link to his site. Reddingk

And let me know if you have any cheap screenprinting equipment for sale.

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Matango said...

met him at comi-con 2006, Rad guy, but his prints were pricey. The one I liked best with the girl wrapped in the curtain was $100 bucks! I bought a nice little screen-printed post card though for $3, he even signed it for me. He was a cool guys, his stuff looks even cooler in person.