Monday, April 10, 2006

A Photo a Day....

Photography allows almost constant productivity as an artist, especially with digital photography. Its a matter of just having your camera on hand and seeing a shot, setting up and snapping it. The following link Daily Dose of Imagrey exploits the power and potential of photography. Its a pretty rad concept. Sam Javanrouh is this guy who lives in Toronto Canada, and just takes around his Canon EOS Digital Rebel 350D camera and snaps pictures of his everday life. He says about his site,

"daily dose of imagery is a simple view of my day to day visual experience, or my personal photoblog. I post one photo a day on this web site. It could be untouched or altered. I started this experimental project as a visual practice."

Taken pictures everyday has really helped him develop his artistic eye. Almost all his photos are amazing. Some allow a magnifying-glass tool to see upclose detail on certain areas of his photo, so try it out. Click archives to see his past photos. And be sure to give him positive feedback, thats what keeps people like him posting his work for us to enjoy.

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