Friday, August 21, 2009


A couple days back I stumbled upon the CHICKEN NUGGET LEMON TOOTY blog. Its basically a blog where a dad has been posting up his 3 kids, Isaac, Grace, and Lily's drawings for the past few years. The Dad himself is an artist (Aaron Zenz) and has been encouraging and sharing his kids art. Recently they had open submissions for fan art. I loved seeing other artists trying to interpret or re-imagine the kid's creativity in their own style.

I've seen similar concepts where photographers try to re-create children's drawings, or artists illustrate them. Its a concept I really enjoy, and I think is mainly due the originality of the children's drawings to begin with. Children have a raw untainted creativity, which for some reason most people lose as they grow older.

When your playing with a little kid, and you say " lets draw a horse riding a horse", they do it no hesitation. They're probably excited to. But if you ask an adult to draw just a man, most of the time they get awkward, embarrassed and refuse. Or they'll just draw a stick figure. What changed, why won't they just draw? It doesn't have to look like so-and-so's, it doesn't have to be proportional or even accurate.

Just like handwriting everyone has their own unique drawing style, and it should be explored and enjoyed at any age. I apologize for the long winded post. Nobody reads these anyways, they just look at the pics. Speaking of, here's my fan art submission I did based on a drawing by Gracie Zenz (age 6).


Jesse C said...

Great stuff Matt. I totally agree. I have a six year old nephew who has come up with some really amazing drawings/projects. Somewhere along the line, we get afraid to make a mark on a page because it might not be "perfect." I want to try this.

Mathias said...

you should man. Its kind of a challenge, but way fun.

Kylee said...

Very cool man. Auri isn't quite to the actual drawing stage-but I can't wait to see what she will come up with when she does start drawing!