Monday, August 28, 2006

An Edward Gorey Animation!?

I read this this article Derek Lamb (a wellknown 1970's animator) wrote about meeting with Edward Gorey. They wanted to work with Edward Gorey in desinging the opening titles to "Mystery" a PBS program.

"Gorey had arrived at the meeting with a fully scripted idea for the title sequence, an intriguing concept using a Victorian children's puppet theater. Unfortunately the script timed-out at twenty minutes in length. Joan needed a mere 40 seconds. An impasse already."

Although they ended up having to re-design the title sequence on their own after reviewing Gorey's ideas and books, I so wish I could watch his actual original 20 min version!

Here's a few peices of art he created for the his original 20 min script.

And here is the final product for PBS's progam "Mystery" title sequence

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