Friday, September 22, 2006

Seth Scriver: Sock Puppets and Airbrush

This guys a loopy character. I really can't find out much about him, besides he's a canadian, he's pretty respected among the low-brow artists up there, and his work is pretty distinct. It does remind me of David Shrigley though, but a little less thoughtout maybe? I dunno what I think of this guys stuff. I wish I could see a little more. His work consists of his corky root/poop/weed characters, and his dog renderings which he adds nice effects to with airbrush. He also does a lot of animation, graffitti, and sock puppets. A pretty unique combination of works. Anyway, some of his drawings and animations brought a chuckle to my throat, so I thought I'd share his link.

I also found this short interview he did, it was interesting: interview link

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