Friday, November 02, 2007

The Black Apple-ETSY

O.k., so this one is really girly-so bear with me boys. Her name is Emily Martin and she runs a shop on ETSY called "The Black Apple". She mostly does paintings of big eyed, sad looking girls, hedgehogs and forest creatures. The main reason I am bringing her up isn't so much the art (even though I DO love it) but, because she has taken her talent and her passion and turned it into a career. She does her art and runs her ETSY shop full time and probably makes really good money doing it. I'm jealous. Anyways, if you haven't yet, you should check out ETSY and if you are the creative type you should consider selling some of your stuff on it - I created a shop not too long ago and I am well pleased.

Here is the link to The Black Apple Blog:LINK

Plus here is a link to ETSY:LINK


Mathias said...

nice "HTML coding" with your LINKS. Keep posting for sure. I liked her stuff. I wonder how much money she makes on ETSY?

Anonymous said...

6 figures