Tuesday, December 11, 2007

portfolio site

I probably shouldn't post this yet because its not where I want it to be functionality wise, but I thought I'd share it with you all for feedback, advice, and constructive criticism. I'm already fixing a lot of its flaws in a second version coming soon. Don't really share this link with too many people, I'm not ready to really "show the world", but do leave feedback if you have any recommendations.

My illustration work is kinda hidden in my "about", but I've been encourage to make it one of my main galleries. What do you think?


PS> For those SPACE ANT fans out there, there's a link to some of the spaceant.com stuff in here for old time sake. I still need to revamp spaceant.com though. So get you're updated works ready for the return of the "spant".


screth said...

awesome matt. when i have some money i need to get an identity for myself.

Mathias said...

Thanks, sounds good.

cerparley said...

It looks really sharp. You're a jack of all trades now, and you've still kept your personality through your work. Well done. I want to talk to you soon about looking at some of my stuff that I'll be submitting to schools.