Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pieter Hugo: and His Hyenas

Not sure if I've posted this guy yet, if so let me know and I'll take this down. He's a South African photographer and takes some powerful and heavy photos. His style to me seems real journalistic. My favorite series of his are his portraits of Albino Africans in "LOOKING ASIDE" and his photos of guys with their pet Hyena's in "THE HYENA & OTHER MEN". I remember seeing a photo like this of a guy with his pet hyena on an album jacket, I wanna say it was an old Beastie Boys album? If anyone can verify I'd appreciate it.

Hyena's are nasty huge scary monsters and the one in the picture above doesn't even have a mussel on!? Check out more of his stuff HERE.


sir mister landlord sir said...

I'm kinda scared of Africa.

I wish I weren't, because the baboons in clothing look cool.

Breck said...

Wow pretty cool stuff. His work does look familiar to me, can't remember from where though.

Zach Carr said...

Whoa! I totally got caught up in his website. That was super intriguing content to me. Hyena's are creepygross.