Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Creativity

I have friend who I exchange artworks with each year as christmas gifts. He's a luddite so I don't worry about him seeing this post. I recently bought this silly converted skateboard that was some type of "skiboard" from a local thrift shop for $5, and I sanded it down, primed it, and painted it with acrylics for my buddy's Barbershop. Acrylics are wonderful. They dry so fast, you don't have to wait two days to put on your next layer of details/colors. I had forgotten how much fun hands-on, non-digital art making is. It seems more rewarding, maybe just because its tangible.

I was trying out this Polaroid simulator program called "Poladroid" on that last photo. It's a pretty cool free little program. You actually have to wait/shake your photo to get it to develop faster though, and it only works on macs.

PS> For all my local friends who glance at this blog, if you find any old skate decks buy'em for me if they're smooth enough for painting, and under $5. I'll pay you back.

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Breck said...

that is awesome.