Friday, March 06, 2009

Virtual Video Experience

I've posted about this stuff before, I guess the concept really appeals to me?

I saw this Armani Jeans website today, and although extremely cheesy even down to the "keyboard demo" music it showcased a pretty powerful concept. You may have seen 360 degree environments on the web where the user can move their mouse side to side and rotate their perspective. (example) And you've probably seen it used in google maps street view. What this Armani site does is very similar, but with video. So you can take in your moving enviornment from any angle you want while the action is taking place.

This is where I see virtual reality meeting the motion picture world. I invision the movie-goers in the future sitting down (or standing up) and maybe putting on a helmet with a screen/visor or some type of personal screen viewing device and then as they move their head they can change the angle they view the scene taking place. They can check behind them as the protagonist enters a dark alley, they can just stair at the sun while the shoot-out carries out right in front of them. Also viewer interactivity will most likely be implemented, such as video-game coordination skills or "choose your own adventure" stuff. Anyway, this site is far from that point, but its a significant step in that direction.

Here's the link to the Armani Jeans site.

If this stuff interests you, you'd into reading about Augmented Reality.

These sites require a pretty good connection speed, so you may want to avoid this experience if your connection is suffering from atrophy. You have to wait for a few seconds of video to play before you can control your angle ''

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