Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mark Gonzales

That Ed Templeton post made me want to post about Mark Gonzales. Mark's creativity is uncanny. Just watch him skate. He's talented in traditional painting, poetry and writing, but skating is his strongest art-form. His ability to react to his environments and create original impromptu tricks/performances has earned him international attention. In the late 90's a respected German museum contacted Mark to showcase some of his work, and in response he dressed up in what looks like fencing gear or a straight-jacket and skated the unique museum architecture in his distinct style. If I can find it online, I'll try and post a video of it below. He's been credited with co-pioneering street skating and making it what it is today. Its said he was the first to skate rails. You can find plenty of interesting videos and info on Gonz all over the internet. He's been around a while, and is still creatively contributing to society today.

sorry so many skate-related posts, Im done for awhile. Although I'm really itching to post something about Jim Phillips I'll hold off for now.

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Breck said...

the man is a genius.