Monday, February 01, 2010

Nick Dewar: Dies at age 37

I was bummed to find out tonight that one of my favorite artists Nick Dewar died today at the young age of 37. We had mentioned him earlier on here, and I often reference his site for inspiration and to see if he had added anything new. Coincidentally I read an article in a magazine last month about him. It really left an impression on me. It made me really admire him because he had become one of the most sought after illustrators alive and decided to set down his brush and stepped away from the hustle and bustle of working and took a long break to travel and live life. The article explained he had married and when he returned back to the US from his travels he moved his home base from the east cost to California - I think near Laguna Beach. (this is just from my memory, I may be mistaken.) The article explained his work had picked right up where he had left off, and he was getting requests instantly as if he had never even left. Which really is no surprise.

His style was so distinct and clean. I've yet to find someone who can compete with his line quality. It puts adobe illustrator to shame. The art world has lost a notable contributer.

His site-
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