Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stephen Wiltshire: autistic, artistic, savant

I've always been interested in autistic savants, especially artistic ones. I've read about musical savants who can sit down and play on a piano any melody/song/composition they've just heard verbatim. And as far as visual artist savants go I haven't been able to find much. There was some articles about a young girl who could draw a perfectly proportional horse and rider at like age 5 or somehting from memory, and she'd start with the horse's feet not the rider's head, and she wouldn't do any type of plotting out of the composition or anything. Pretty wild.

Now check out this guy Stephen Wiltshire. I'd love to see a panoramic photo placed above his drawing just to be able to compare.
There's another video of his of him drawing Tokyo from memory to, here's that link

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