Sunday, April 20, 2008

Graduation – Finally

My wife and I are finally going to be done with school! I'm excited to not be a student. I've been in the education system sense I was 5 yrs old. This is a quick little envelope sized graduation announcement I made because I get depressed looking at the awful generic ones they provide students with these days. I had a good laugh after doing the illustrations because they don't look like us, but I gave it a shot. Enjoy

PS> Cast your vote on where we should move after graduation. Right now my options are Logan UT, Las Vegas NV, and Salt Lake City UT.


screth said...

awesome invites. I vote for SLC, then Vegas.

sir mister landlord sir said...

As benign as you are in real life, those illustrations are an extra benign version of the Manguses. (Has anyone ever called you Matt Mangus Erickson?)

I would think you'd be ready for some Vegas weather after so much Logan living. But I guess I'd have to vote SLC (Layton is actually the new place to be).

sir mister landlord sir said...

And, jeez, congratulations to you both for graduating.

Mathias said...

Thanks sir landlord. I make a conscious effort to not flatter my self when drawing myself. It always bothers me when people do that in self portraits. I tried to even exaggerate my my chubby face and baldness as to avoid such an act.