Monday, April 28, 2008

Si Scott's Skill

Amazing typographic illustrator. This style has been attempted by lots of designers/illustrators, but this guy Si Scott does it better. He's worked for some big clients like, Casio, Volvo and Nike. Scope out his site Si Scott. beware of nudies


Tones Bones said...

Tag! Your IT!
I found your blog. Why didn't I know this existed? You've seen some of my art when I draw serious, come on. I'll practice, then I'll submit an entry to you via email, and if you like it will you give me posting permissions?
And I vote Vas Legas.

Graham and Kate said...

Matango Magusto-
Hey first and foremost congrats on Graduation! That's awesome!

Second.. we re are still REALLY interested in having some artwork done! We want a series to hang in our t.v. room. If you're still up for it, let us know your price scale and ideas!