Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christian Faur: Complex Simplicity

Maybe one of the more formal artists we've featured on here, Christian has done some cool stuff using simple crayons in a creative way. I'm not that into his paintings and other work, but I've set up the link below to go straight to his crayon pieces.

via: drawn


Tones Bones said...

Brek & Mathias, I know you to be artists, and I'm not sure if others contributing to this blog are as well... but I was curious if any of you have ever tried your hand at this mosaic kind of stuff in any way. If so, post some of it.

Tones Bones said...

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There is my attempt at a beautiful work of mosaic creation.

Tones Bones said...

haha, the page didn't recognize my spacing when it posted. Oh well.

Mathias said...

i haven't really messed with it. Its way too time consuming for me. I'm not patient enough.

Breck said...

I haven't either. The most I've done was a photo mosaic that makes a big picture from smaller photos, but it's software that does it for you. I know there is a guy out there that does it by hand, pretty cool.

Also, the Jelly Belly Factory in Northern California has some pretty cool photo mosaics made from jelly beans...