Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gilbert and George

I attempted to ride my bike down to the ocean last week, and somehow got lost. Giving up I decided to ride back home, but got lost again. However, I ran into a museum along the way where there were punk rock kids, business men, and children socializing on the main floor of the building. Like any curious person, I went inside to see what was going on. Turns out there was live diva art, Jello Biafra, and the Gilbert and George exhibition. I listened to Jello for two minutes before deciding he has the most annoying voice aside from Casey Kasem, and his politics are typically Left and redundant, so I went into the G & G exhibition. I had never heard of these guys, nor their work, but was instantly amused. They're a couple of british dudes who operate as a couple: they do all of their work together. Their manifesto is an anti-manifesto of sorts, where they give the reader/observer full credit and responsibility in interpreting the work as they see it. G&G aim to abolish the rhetoric and hoity-toityness of high art by blurring their work in every dichotomy. Most of everything that was displayed was giant paneled pieces of highly exposed colors, with people, poop, and potpourri as subjects/objects. Their art deals with religious iconography, pop culture, friends, flowers, sex, bodily fluids, and such. These pictures are examples of their more "kid-friendly" pieces. Very interesting. And very graphic-arts concentrated.


Mathias said...

wow, only in San Fran can you stumble across things like this on a bicycle when getting lost. I liked their stuff though. PS> You taught english in Korea for a bit didn't you? What can you tell me about it. E-mail me.

Anonymous said...

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