Thursday, February 21, 2008

Javier Senasiain(?): arquitecturaorganica

Living quarters that are a joy to look at and probably a glory to live in. And it's not just that they're organic (the ones that are) or that they're so shapely, it's also what Mathias was talking about on Cerparley's blah: How Latin American cultures are enviably colorful. These are all designed and executed in México as far as I can tell. //LINK//
And props to the Geekologie writer for showing me this, the cat armor and many other amazing things.


Mathias said...

My wife is the decorator in our family, but "someday" when we build a home I want to be in charge of a bathroom, or the kitchen or some room where i can use this colorful latin tiling and do a mexico "Day of the Dead" type theme with florescent skulls and neon giraffes. It would be cool font room decor.

cerparley said...

This is rad. It reminds me a lot of Antoni Gaudi's work: colorful mosaics, curved hoods and bells. Really interesting.