Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dia De Los Mariachis

I have a few new illustrations to post up. One I submitted to Threadless and I'll show it when its up for voting, so you all can go help me on it. Here's one I did last night. I'm still tweaking it, let me know if you have suggestions.


Tones Bones said...

Do you do this kinda stuff on paper and then scan it onto the comp, or do you just open paint and start drawing? I can remember years ago you could draw with the mouse and I thought it quite amazing, and still I couldn't if I tried. My suggestion is give one red hair... there are some Hispanic people that are red headed you know.

Breck said...

At first glance it looked like the violinists violin was going through the trumpeters neck. Other then that it's perfecto.

Mathias said...

yea, a couple people have thought its was some subtle morbid illustration with the violin stabbing into that guy, but its just supposed to be further back in depth. I guess I need to fix that so there's no confusion. good call. thanks for your comments guys.