Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sigg Jones

I was recently talking with someone at work about the "Gorillaz" illustrated style, and I remembered this memorable animated short from Nike a group of Students from Supinfocom school in France. The concept is really bizarre, but visually really entertaining. I like the way they set up their site as well. Real refreshing. Click the blue sticker/button at the top that says "Watch! Right Now". Heres the LINK to the video.


Eric said...

First you have to know the rules. Then you can break them.

Mathias said...

haha, thanks Eric?

But I think an even more applicable droplet of wisdom here would be "Tires won't hold air if candy can't stay on top"


If anyone else has more advice to add to Eric's, please comment.

angelo said...

It's not an ad from nike. It's a project by French students from Supinfocom. Check out